Noah Broffman


I was born and raised in Los Angeles California. I finished up my undergrad at the University of San Francisco in 2014 as a Fine Arts major and Design minor. I am currently an artist by day and a bartender by night. I am hoping to break into the art world and move towards a career in the arts full time. Thank you for viewing my work and enjoy!

Artist Statement:

As an artist my technique is constantly improving thus creating new outcomes for my art. I feel that the best work comes out when you harness all that your life throws at you in the moment, socially and environmentally. I think it's all about finding a balance between expressing what you are going through as person, but leaving enough room for interpretation and connection on the viewers part. I feel that as I mature I am constantly working on and improving these aspects of my work. By nature, the older I get the more mature the subject matter becomes. However, the process always remains the same, throw on some tunes, lay down some paint, and connect.


  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting